Coyote Crier - April- 2021

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

It was such a joy to welcome students back to campus! Our Canyon Creek Coyotes have done well getting into the routines that will keep us healthy and safe at school. I have sent multiple emails in the past few weeks. Except for saying how happy I am to have students back on campus, I don’t have more to share at this time. Last week I sent the links below for our families with students who will be in hybrid classes. If you haven’t checked them out, you may find some of the information helpful.

Welcome Back Coyotes Video
Mr. Denton shares some of what students can expect as they return to campus.

Return to Campus Slide Deck
If you just want to check out the slide deck Mr. Denton used and skip his narration, check out this slide deck.

Getting Ready for Hybrid at Canyon Creek
This google doc is made for adults (although kids are welcome to read it too). Information is organized as bulleted lists and short passages of text. If you are looking for specific information, this document can help you find it quickly.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their health checks or sent in paper copies on our first day. We were able to get students through the process and off to class pretty quickly. Student Health Checks must be submitted each morning. Northshore School District has great information on submitting health checks via ParentVue. A health check must be submitted each day your child comes on campus. The system resets overnight, so they must be completed in the morning. Please complete health checks each morning by 8:30 to help us get your child into class quickly!

Thank you for your continued support! Have a wonderful spring break!


Bruce Denton


   Bruce Denton


In This Issue...

  • Dates to Remember
  • In the Know
    • Student Health Checks Must be Submitted Each Morning
    • Staggered Dismissal Times
    • Campus Closed to Visitors and Guests
    • School Supply List
    • April Lunch Menu
    • Information on School Lunches
    • Virtual Concert Reminder
    • April Material Pick-up for Remote Only Students
    • 2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration
    • 2020-2021 Yearbook Orders
    • Attendance Line and Email
    • Moving or Home Schooling
    • Yearbook Photo Submission
    • 5th Grade Interested in Joining Musical Group in Middle School
    • Canyon Creek Care Team Message
    • The New Plan for Library
  • In Appreciation
    • Congratulations Caring Coyote Winners in March
  • PTA News
  • District News

Dates to Remember

No School Days

  • April 12-16 - Spring Break 

Important Events

  • Material Pick-up (Remote only)
    • April 8
  • Wacky Tacky Day
    • April 27 & 29

In the Know!

Student Health Checks Must be Submitted Each Morning

If you haven’t already read the information sent by the Northshore School District, please visit the district website on submitting health checks. A health check must be submitted each day your child comes on campus. The system resets overnight, so they must be completed in the morning. 

Please complete health checks each morning by 8:30am to help us get your student into class quickly!

Staggered Dismissal Times

Please come at the time listed below for your student(s).

Dismissal Time: 3:07pm 

  • First grade dismissed to the front of the gym.

Dismissal Time: 3:08pm 

  • Kindergarten dismissed to the front of the gym.

Dismissal Time: 3:10pm 

  • Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grade dismissed to the front of the gym.


Campus Closed to Visitors and Guests

We are working hard to keep our campus healthy and safe. That includes reducing the number of people on campus. Our office is closed, so before coming to campus, please call the office at (425) 408-5700. If you are bringing a student late or picking up a student for an early dismissal, please wait in your car and call the office. We are happy to help your child get to class, or get your child to you. 



  School Supply List

  April 2021 return to school supply list for Hybrid A and B.

  Click here


April Lunch Menu 

Click here for our school menu. 


Information on School Lunches

All school lunches are provided for free until the end of the year. There will be a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option each day at school. Please do not send money...the meals are free through the USDA Free Lunch program. For families interested in lunches on the days they do not have students on campus, they can order a free meal pack (5-day pack for in-person learners and 7-day pack for remote learners) to be picked up each Wednesday at Canyon Creek's drive through area, beginning 4/21. These meals need to be pre-ordered from the NSD website the Wednesday before pick up. 

Once K-3 hybrid learning begins, there will be no daily meal pick up locations. Students attending in-person will be able to access breakfast and lunch at their school.

Weekly Meal Packs: 

  • Weekly meal packs will follow the usual Wednesday pick up schedule on March 24, 31 and April 7.
  • Weekly meal packs will continue following Spring Break. More details about the schedule of these packs will be communicated in the coming weeks.

The interactive menu can be found on the Food & Nutrition Page of the NSD Website as well as on the NSD App.

The interactive menu allows students and staff to:

  • Access the monthly menu
  • Access ingredient and allergen information
  • Access nutrition information
  • Special diet accommodations need to be made through the Food & Nutrition Director
  • Breakfast may be offered in the classroom (depending on the school)
  • All meals will be pre-packaged and utilize disposable packaging and utensils
  • There will be 2 onsite options daily - a vegetarian and non-vegetarian choice
  • Weekly meal packs will still be available to order (AND FREE) to all hybrid and remote students for pickup on Wednesdays from their home school. The weekly pack menu and ordering page can be found here
  • Students must take the whole meal offered in order for it to be free. Meals come with milk, fruit and/or veg, grains & a meat or meat alternate.
  • We will not be offering milk-only at breakfast or lunch

We are not taking cash or check deposits for student accounts at the school. If you would like to make a deposit for next year, you can do that on the Food & Nutrition page of the NSD website and use the new Titan family portal.

Any questions on any of this information, contact Food Services at 425-408-7654.

April Material Pick-up for Remote Only Students

Please see the schedule below for material pick-up for out remote learners.


    Parent Input Form for Class Placement

An online parental input form is available for those parents who would like to provide input regarding classroom placement for the next school year. Our staff carefully considers placement options based on our understanding of your child's needs. Parents may have additional insights that help us ensure a productive year. Please know that we cannot accommodate requests for specific teachers. Completion of this form is optional and parents wishing to share input should complete the form online by Friday, May 8.

click here for form


2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration

Enrolling your student early in the year helps schools plan for incoming students and ensure we meet our staffing needs.

Kindergarten online registration is now open. Please go to the District website at: If you have any questions, please email our Registrar: Terri Jaenson at


School Attendance

  Attendance Line and Email

When your child will be absent from school, please call our 24-hour phone line at 425-408-5710 or email: and CC your students' teacher. Please leave a message or send in an email by 9:45am.

If your student is experiencing a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, cough or loss of smell or taste, please identify which of these symptoms in your message. Again, if your student is experiencing any of these 3 symptoms, they need to be identified in your message: fever of 100.4 or greater, cough or loss of smell or taste.

Prearranged/Extended Absences:

In the event that your child will miss more than two consecutive school days for a reason other than health or medical issues, complete and email the Pre-Approved Absence Request Form to Lynnea Webb Please submit the form at least two weeks before the first planned day of absence. For additional attendance information is available on the school website.


  2020-2021 Yearbooks 

    Don't forget to order your yearbook! Time is running out to place your 

Click here to order 2020-2021 yearbook from Firefly.


  Moving or Home Schooling

If your child(ren) are moving out of the Canyon Creek area or you have  made the decision to home school your child, please notify our Registrar, Terri Jaenson at as soon as possible.  The following information will be needed:

  • Name of child
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • New Address
  • New School


Yearbook Photo Submissions

We love all the images we are getting, but there are so many to sort through. To make it easier on us, we need your help. We receive hundreds of individual emails from different schools, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be in the correct book.  When you submit your picture, you must include your school’s name AND project in the subject line of the message you send us containing your image.  Ex: Rock Springs Middle School – Pet Photos. Any image submitted that does not follow these guidelines, may not qualify to be in the yearbook. We appreciate all your help in making these books so memorable!

Now, onto the next project! We realize that classrooms have started to or will be filling up throughout the rest of the year, but we were all working from home at some point. It’s now time to rummage through all those photos on your phone or camera and send us your best 'Working from Home', 'Recess at Home', 'PE at Home' and 'Lunch Break at Home' images. Show us you at your workstation, with any cool school supplies that helped you out, or any fun projects you worked on. We want to see what working from home looked like for you. If you’re still distance learning, get creative and take a fun picture from your desk during a break.

Again, please be sure to submit your photos using the email format guideline above to as well as making sure your images are exposed well and are not blurry so that they will look good when printed. We appreciate your effort!

Thank you,

Firefly Images


    Fifth Grade Interested in Joining Musical            Group in Middle School - Music

 5th Graders! Interested in joining a musical group in middle school? Make sure you register for Band, Orchestra, or Choir for your upcoming sixth-grade experience! Check out this video featuring middle and high school students from around the Northshore School District performing in our many musical groups, along with this document explaining some of the details of each performing group.


Canyon Creek exterior archway

  Canyon Creek Care Team Message

The Canyon Creek Care Team will work with Northshore Schools Foundation (NSF) to address family needs and learn about the available community resources to refer families to the appropriate agencies for support. 

The Care Team goal is to:

Identify needs and empower families to take action to seek supports

Maintain a shared central document to record supports given and family follow up

Act as a referral resource for families with non-academic barriers to learning and well-being and other needs/ concerns

Attend training opportunities offered by NSF to learn about local resources

English Care Team Flyer and English Care Team request form

Spanish Care Team Flyer and Spanish Care Team request form

From time to time, we have information about resources that are available to families in need. While some resources are communicated with the whole school community, sometimes timing, availability, etc. don't make this feasible. Would you like to be notified by email when we have information about resources to share?

Please complete this Canyon Creek Resources & Support Email Signup Form and we will add you to our mailing list. Parents/guardians must have current email address in our student information system. Check ParentVue to see what address is on file and/or make updates.

From time to time we have information about resources that are available to families in need. While some resources are communicated with the whole school community, sometimes timing, availability, etc. don't make this feasible. Would you like to be notified by email when we have information about resources to share?

Please complete this Canyon Creek Resources & Support Email Signup Form and we will add you to our mailing list. Parents/guardians must have current email address in our student information system. Check ParentVue to see what address is on file and/or make updates.


The New Plan for LIBRARY

Thank you to all of our families who have participated in our Curbside and Book Bus events over these past months!  Our library circulation procedures are changing the week after Spring Break. Here is the new plan - please read all the way to the bottom:   

Hybrid Model Plan:  For ALL students coming back to campus, books will be delivered to classrooms every other week unless your family chooses to opt out of library checkout (for Hybrid families, please email your librarian to OPT OUT). For each rotation, students will receive a bag of 3 books that will be chosen based on any holds students have placed, along with selections by a librarian based on student interest. During their checkout weeks (specified below), they should bring their previous books in the original bag to return on Mondays or Thursdays (whichever day they are here), and they will receive their new book bag on Tuesdays or Fridays (whichever day they are here). Here are the specified check out weeks by grade level:

  • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades: Book Return/Check out weeks will be the weeks of 4/19, 5/3, and 5/17.
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades: Book Return/Check out weeks will be the weeks of 4/26, 5/10, and 5/24.

Remote Model Plan: For students who are fully remote, we will still offer Curbside Pickup every other week, and families will have the option to sign up for all 3 events at once to make it easier to participate. We will continue to keep Fridays from 11:15-12:15 as our Curbside time, and here are the dates: Friday, 4/23, 5/7, and 5/21. To participate in Curbside Pickup, please fill out the Book Delivery Form. As mentioned, you will be able to sign up for all 3 options at once, but each individual option will expire at 3:30 on Tuesday before the Curbside event that week (to give us enough time to have the orders filled by Friday morning). Please bring any books from home in the original bag to return when you come to pick up your new books.

For ALL Canyon Creek Students: Please Place Holds! Placing holds on specific books guarantees students get the exact books they want! Here are written instructions for How to Place a Hold. Students are allowed 3 holds at a time, and at this point in the school year they should only place holds on books that are currently available in the library, and not checked out by other students (there won’t be enough time for return and quarantine of books to guarantee pending holds). Holds that are ready for students (all the way up until Friday morning of the delivery) will be included in the bag. Placing holds is NOT required to check out books! If there are no holds, a librarian will use the one-time interest card we have on file to select books (see Sept 23rd library lesson on Schoology if your child has not done this and would like to), or we will just choose "surprise" books if there is no survey on file.

Library Instruction: Library instruction will continue asynchronously on Wednesdays. The focus will be on read aloud lessons and literacy instruction. These lessons will continue to be posted on the Schoology course pages for each grade level every Wednesday. Please let the librarian for your grade level know if you have any questions! 

Mrs. Beavo 1st, 2nd, 5th  (

Mrs. Fiser K, 3rd, 4th (


In Appreciation

Congratulation Caring Coyote Winners in March

March 5, 2021

Kindergarten - Richesse M. - Mrs. Roland

First Grade - Nate M. - Mrs. Ka'ai

Second Grade - Cooper W. - Ms. Masterson

Third Grade - Riley L. - Ms. Munoz

Fourth Grade - Sean M. - Mrs. Weinstein

Fifth Grade - Nella S. - Mrs. Johnson


March 12, 2021

Kindergarten student in Mrs. Vasatka class

First Grade - Joy M. - Mrs. Lindley

Second Grade - Kai K. - Ms. Valint

Third Grade - Ryann I. - Ms. Woo

Fourth Grade - Mikaela S. - Ms. Wong

Fifth Grade student in Mrs. Chidambaram class


March 19, 2021

Kindergarten - Justin P. - Mrs. Roland

First Grade - Samarth R. - Mrs. McDonnell

Second Grade - Sreehas V. - Mrs. Rodgers

Third Grade - Ella S. - Mrs. Holley

Fourth Grade - Olivia U. - Mr. D'Entremont

Fifth Grade student in Ms. Johnson class


March 26, 2021

Kindergarten - Wyatt C. - Mrs. Vasatka

First Grade - Alexander F. - Mrs. Barton

Second Grade - Arthee K. - Ms. Hodgson

Third Grade - Hadley K. - Ms. Munoz

Fourth Grade - Ansel O. - Ms. Wong

Fifth Grade - Dominic M. - Mrs. Johnson



PTA News

PTA activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The District assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court of administrative tribunal arising out of distribution of these materials including attorney's fees and judgement or awards.

PTA Many Hands

 Volunteers Needed -  Ways to Get Involved!

We are looking to fill two key positions for next year – Membership Chair and Advocacy Chair. Want to learn more about these roles or other committee positions open for next year?

Visit our website and complete our volunteer interest form.




  Canyon Creek PTA Virtual STEM Fair

 We are excited to announce and support our students in their science discovery with the Canyon Creek PTA STEM Fair. Our hope is that students will work independently on this with minimal parent support, and they will have a fun time exploring some experiments. Start now on projects and share findings by Friday, April 23rd.

Learn how your student can participate.




Enroll now in Chess Wizards

We are excited to offer CHESS WIZARDS online for our enrichment after school program this spring.  Register before Thursday, April 15th. Spring session begins on April 19th.



 Can Do 5K Virtual Race 5K—  Join our Team!

Run, walk, roll together virtually between April 24th and May 1st, and support the incredible children and adults who exemplify the best in all of us.

Register to be part of the Canyon Creek PTA Team.


  Don't Miss This Additional News From
  Canyon Creek PTA!




District News

Message from Transportation

Transportation is requesting an addition to your school's webpage, as we do not have the drivers to be waiting at stops or returning students to school, we have had to combine routes, so drivers have had additional schools added to them.

As Transportation is working on the changes to this year's changes, occasionally we may have buses arriving at stops in the afternoon earlier than expected due to less students riding the bus.

We are asking parents to please be at your student's bus stop 5 minutes after school is released to meet your student until we are able to establish a consistent drop off time.


Backpack and School Supplies

Backpacks for Students:

The Northshore Schools Foundation is generously providing help in the form of backpacks for students whose families have demonstrated financial need and either do not have or are unable to purchase their own backpacks.  

Please contact Canyon Creek Care Team Coordinator Laurie Powers at if you would like a backpack for your student.  

School Supplies for Students:

If you are experiencing financial limits at this time, the Northshore Schools Foundation would like to provide your Northshore student with a school supply kit as well.  For more information and to sign up, please visit:

Northshore Schools Foundation Family Supply Kits 2021 request site.





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