Coyote Crier - March 2021

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

Last Friday, our school district released the beginning details of our reopening plan including some specific dates. While there are several additional details which will be shared in the coming days, I wanted to provide you with a few items for information to help you in your thinking and planning. As soon as I have more details, I will share them.

  • This video provides some further details regarding in person return and safety measures. While it won’t answer all of your questions, it will help families know what to expect while they are at school.
  • The return to in-person learning in a hybrid model will be coupled with an option to remain fully remote if that is the best option for your family with regarding to safety and learning.
  • At this time, we are unsure of the specific impact your choices might have on classroom teacher assignments and class placement. Your survey responses will help us plan. We will communicate with you about what you and your child can expect once the survey has been given and responses have been reviewed.
  • Bridge Weeks identified in the return plan are specifically designed to provide a variety of learning experiences related to safety at school and to also provide in-person social interactions before we begin in our hybrid model. This will happen with partnership from the YMCA Navigators team as they have been engaging in these types of learning and safety teaching throughout the pandemic. More information to come soon.
  • You can find reopening plan dates in a calendar format here. Be sure to read to the bottom for descriptions of different components of the transition to hybrid learning.

There are many details that still need to be worked out at the district, school and classroom level and we will work to support your family to the best extent possible. Keep in mind that your child’s teacher does not have any additional information beyond what has been shared in the Reopening Plan communications or in this message. You can count on our Canyon Creek staff to communicate with you as new information is available, and to plan thoughtfully with you for your child’s success. It is exciting to know that we will see some of our students back on campus in the near future!


Bruce Denton

   Warm regards,

   Bruce Denton


In This Issue...

  • Dates to Remember
  • In the Know
    • Incoming Skyview 6th Graders
    • 2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration
    • Help Create the 2020-2021 Yearbook
    • Yearbook Order for 2020-2021
    • Picture Make-up and Retake
    • APEX Fun Run - Virtual
    • Virtual Concert and Sing-Along 
    • Attendance Line and Email
    • Moving or Home Schooling
    • Canyon Creek Care Team Message
    • Keep Ordering Those Library Books
  • In Appreciation
    • February Caring Coyote Winners
    • Lunch Club Visit with Dr. Reid
  • PTA News
  • District News

Dates to Remember

Important Events

  • Early Release Wednesday
    • Mar 10, Mar 17, Mar 24 and Mar 31
  • Mar 14 - Daylight Savings (set clocks ahead 1 hour)
  • Mar 17 - Picture Make-up and Retake 10:00am-12:00pm
  • Mar 29-April 9 - APEX Fun Run

In the Know!


Incoming Skyview 6th Graders

All incoming 6th-grade registration selections was due online on Wednesday, March 3rd. 

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your student's counselor. Our names, emails, and caseloads are on the webpage. click here


2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration


Enrolling your student early in the year helps schools plan for incoming students and ensure we meet our staffing needs.

Kindergarten online registration is now open. Please go to the District website at: If you have any questions, please email our Registrar: Terri Jaenson at


  Yearbook 2020-2021 Order 


Hello Everyone!

Are you thinking yearbooks? We are! From strict remote learning, to some schools alternating “A” and “B” students, it has been nothing short of a year of uncertainty. One thing is for certain though – Yearbooks are happening, and you can order yours now! We are working hard to create fun and unique yearbooks this year. Below is the link to our quick and easy order form. This yearbook will be one-of-a-kind so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The process is easy and takes no more than a couple minutes. Remember to double check that your school’s yearbook is selected when checking out! Follow the link at the end of this message to order your yearbook.

To make these yearbooks special, we would like to ask for your help! Yes – YOU! The most vital tool to keep us safe this year has also become one of the most simple and customizable fashion accessories. We would love to see your favorite and most stylish masks in a Mask Fashion feature page. So, pull out the camera, capture a nice image of your student wearing their favorite mask and submit it to us here at - This opportunity will expire once we have enough pictures for the page, or we hit the deadline of March 8th, whichever happens first. Be sure to name the file with your student’s name and the school they attend so we know what book to put them in! The image should show above the student’s head down to the mid-chest, we will crop it from there. Keep the background simple and be sure that it is a JPG and not too dark or too bright. Firefly Images appreciates all your help in making this yearbook the best it can be!

Order your yearbook here!

Thank you,

Firefly Images


Picture Make-up and Retake

Retake day is here! Firefly Images wants to share with you our very last opportunity for pictures at your school this year! We are so excited to be back in your community one last time. This is a by appointment only picture day, so please use the link to sign up for a time slot. This picture day is open to those who need a retake and those who are coming to the camera for the very first time. We want to see everyone’s smiling faces at our camera, so no purchase is necessary.

Once again, we will be set up socially distanced. We will be masking up, so we ask that you do the same until the moment we take that picture. We will be following all COVID protocols for this activity and continue to have a perfect safety record this year.

If you are getting a retake, don’t forget to return your complete picture package to the photographer in order to complete your order process.


  • Retakes? Just bring your entire original picture package.
  • Retake of Digital Images?  Tell your photographer.
  • First time to camera? Once again, just let your photographer know.

And don't forget to bring your smile... We could give you one of ours, but you look much better with your own smile on!

Thank you!

Firefly Images


  Virtual Concert Sing-Along

SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday, April 6, 2021  

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Virtual Concert and Sing-Along 

Please plan to join your children and the entire Canyon Creek community in a virtual concert and sing-along on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. You and your family will sign up to attend a Zoom meeting at a time of your choice (5:00pm, 6:00pm, or 7:00pm); the event will last 20-30 minutes. Students K-5 are all learning the same songs, so families can attend one event. And families are welcome to sing along, too! 

To sign up, complete the RSVP Form to hold a spot for your preferred time. Note: because Zoom has limitations on the number of participants in each meeting, we must get an accurate count of attendees to ensure all students are able to participate. 



School Attendance

  Attendance Line and Email

When your child will be absent from school, please call our 24-hour phone line at 425-408-5710 or email: and CC your students' teacher. Please leave a message or send in an email by 9:45am.

Prearranged/Extended Absences: 

In the event that your child will miss more than two consecutive school days for a reason other than health or medical issues, complete and email the Pre-Approved Absence Request Form to Lynnea Webb Please submit the form at least two weeks before the first planned day of absence. For additional attendance information is available on the school website.



Canyon Creek Mural

   Moving or Home Schooling

If your child(ren) are moving out of the Canyon Creek area or you have made the decision to home school your child, please notify our Registrar, Terri Jaenson at as soon as possible.  The following information will be needed:

  • Name of child
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • New Address
  • New School



Canyon Creek exterior archway

  Canyon Creek Care Team Message

The Canyon Creek Care Team will work with Northshore Schools Foundation (NSF) to address family needs and learn about the available community resources to refer families to the appropriate agencies for support. 

The Care Team goal is to:

  • Identify needs and empower families to take action to seek supports
  • Maintain a shared central document to record supports given and family follow up
  • Act as a referral resource for families with non-academic barriers to learning and well-being and other needs/ concerns
  • Attend training opportunities offered by NSF to learn about local resources

English Care Team Flyer and English Care Team request form

Spanish Care Team Flyer and Spanish Care Team request form

From time to time, we have information about resources that are available to families in need. While some resources are communicated with the whole school community, sometimes timing, availability, etc. don't make this feasible. Would you like to be notified by email when we have information about resources to share?

Please complete this Canyon Creek Resources & Support Email Signup Form and we will add you to our mailing list. Parents/guardians must have current email address in our student information system. Check ParentVue to see what address is on file and/or make updates.




Keep Ordering Those Library Books

Orders for library books may be placed weekly, at any location you choose. Here are some additional reminders:

  1. The Book Delivery Form must be completed EACH TIME you are requesting books. For each Friday delivery, requests will be accepted until 3:30pm on Tuesday of the same week (3 days before delivery day).  If a form is not submitted, there will not be books on the bus or at the curbside for your student. Here is the schedule from now until the end of January
    • Stops near Canyon Creek and Curbside:  3/12 and 3/26
    • Stops around the district (may be more convenient for EAP families but not restricted to EAP families!): 3/5 and 3/19

The Book Delivery Form will include specific locations and times.  Don’t forget to hit “SUBMIT”!!!

2.  Returning Books: Please return library books to the bus stop or the curbside in the original bag labeled with your student’s name. In some cases, students may want to keep one book they already have, but the driver has 3 new books for them. We will make exceptions to go slightly over the 3-book limit in these situations. Please let your librarian know you would like to renew your book(s). If you decide you do NOT want new books one round, but still wish to return your books from last time, you may come to the bus stop or curbside without filling out the Book Delivery Form to return your books. Additionally, there will be a book return bin in front of the school office from 8:30am-11:00am on Monday and Tuesdays if students cannot meet the bus driver to return their books.

3. Holds: Here are written instructions for How to Place a Hold. Students are allowed 3 holds at a time. They can check the status of their hold at any time by logging back into the library catalog and clicking on “My Info.” Families still need to submit the Book Delivery Form to pick up their holds, so we will know when/where you will be to pick up the books. Any holds that are ready all the way up until Friday morning of the delivery will be included in the bag. Placing holds is NOT required to check out books! If there are no holds, a librarian will use the one-time interest card we have on file to select books (see Sept 23rd library lesson on Schoology), or we will just choose "surprise" books if there is no survey on file. One final note about Holds: Due to wanting to ensure we are sharing popular titles with our entire school population, we are limiting the number of holds for popular series to one hold at a time per student: Here are some examples but not a complete list: Dog Man, Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Baby Sitters Club Graphic Novels, Rick Riordan books, and Amulet Graphic Novels. This limitation is for each series only (in other words, it’s fine to place one hold on Dog Man and one hold on Harry Potter). We will delete holds that go over the "one at a time" limit.

4.  eBooks, Audiobooks, and Research Databases: Our district provides two different methods for students to check out eBooks and Audiobooks. We have our own large collection of digital titles, and the KCLS has a collection as well through our KCLS/NSD partnership (students use their student numbers for digital check outs instead of a library card). We also have wonderful subscription databases we provide to students for research. Usernames and passwords for these may not be shared outside of our Canyon Creek community. For directions on how to access all of these great resources, click here! Canyon Creek Digital Resources

Mrs. Beavo 1st, 2nd 5th (

Mrs. Fiser K, 3rd, 4th (


In Appreciation

Congratulation Caring Coyote Winners in February

February 5th Winners:

Kindergarten - Lennon O. - Mrs. Vasatka
First Grade - Evelyn N. - Mrs. Lindley
Second Grade - Madison T. - Mrs. Vagt
Third Grade - Tyler Z. - Ms. Deer
Fourth Grade student in Mrs. Vancour's classroom
Fifth Grade - Nalia K. - Mrs. Brown

February 12th Winners:

Kindergarten - Savannah P. - Mrs. Roland
First Grade - Annika V. - Ms. Head
Second Grade - Mason C. - Mrs. Vagt
Third Grade - Abdullah A. - Mrs. Hollingsworth
Fourth Grade - Teagan R. - Mrs. Weinstein
Fifth Grade - Phillip B. - Mr. Henderson

February 26 Winners:

Kindergarten - Evelyn C. - Mrs. Vasatka
First Grade - Victor B. - Mrs. Axtell
Second Grade - Griffin T. - Mrs. Goodspeed
Third Grade - Kynley J. - Ms. Woo
Fourth Grade - Kyle P. - Ms. Wong
Fifth Grade student in Mrs. Brown's classroom 


Lunch Club Visit with Dr. Reid on February 26th

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to have lunch with Dr. Reid. 

Second Grade:

  • Esagha J. - Mrs. Vagt
  • Sarin D. - Mrs. Goodspeed

Third Grade:

  • Rinav R. - Ms. Deer
  • Kenneth S. - Ms. Munoz

Fourth Grade:

  • Parker M. - Mr. D'Entremont
  • Coen U. - Ms. Hall

Fifth Grade:

  • Koen L. - Mrs. Ducotey
  • Winner M. - Mrs. Chidambaram

Thank you PTA

PTA Staff Appreciation Committee for the Starbucks Frappuccino and biscotti and popcorn for our students.

PTA News

PTA activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The District assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court of administrative tribunal arising out of distribution of these materials including attorney's fees and judgement or awards.

 Windows & Mirrors Book Drive

Our PTA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee has organized the Windows & Mirrors Book Drive! All books will go to Canyon Creek classrooms and library. Each month we will focus on a different theme with intersectionality at the core. The focus for the month of March is Women’s History Month and Irish American Heritage Month. There are a few ways to get involved, including purchasing from an Amazon wish list, donating to the fund to purchase books, and donating a book you suggest! Learn how to participate in this powerful event.




Seeking 2021-2022 Executive Board Members

We are currently seeking a treasurer and secretary to join our Executive Board next year. Joining the PTA Executive Board not only helps make a difference in your school community and PTA; it’s a great way to connect with other parents and staff. No previous experience is needed. There are many of us on the PTA team willing to help you learn and grow in your role. We would love to have you get on board! Learn about the board positions and reach out to the nominating committee (with no obligation). The Nominating Committee Report is available online.


 Anchored Families Online Course—     Free 6-month subscription 

Canyon Creek PTA is proud to be partnering with Cher Anderton, MSW, LSWAIC to offer an amazing online subscription ($180 value) to her asynchronous video classes and live parent coaching. Live sessions are twice a month. The next sessions are March 3rd and March 17th. Enroll free and learn the 5 must have tools to have in your parenting toolbox.


  PTA Recognition Awards

Do you know of an outstanding teacher or educator who goes the extra mile for students?  How about a volunteer who quietly contributes to Canyon Creek Elementary? Or a volunteer that goes above and beyond? Take a moment to think about the people who might be good candidates for any of our local PTA recognition awards. Submit your nomination(s) by April 9th.



  General Membership Meeting

Everyone is welcome! Please join us at the next General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 16 at 6:30PM via Zoom. Learn about what has been happing in PTA. Register on our website to receive the link prior to the meeting.


  Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month honors and celebrates the struggles and achievements of American women throughout the history of the United States. American women have struggled to gain rights not simply for themselves but for many other underrepresented and disenfranchised groups in America. Visit our website to find resources and learn more. 


 Irish American Heritage Month

 Irish - American Heritage Month in March is a time to celebrate the contributions that Irish immigrants and their descendants have made to U.S. society. Virtually every realm of American endeavor from steelwork to biotechnology to literature has seen improvement through Irish-descended hands and minds. Visit our website to find resources and learn more.


 Reflections Virtual-Art Showcase is Now Open!

Northshore Council PTSA's 2020-2021 Reflections Virtual Art Showcase is now open! Come and experience this year's district-qualifying Reflections entries-- including 12 pieces from Canyon Creek artists. The Virtual Art Showcase will be available for viewing through Friday, March 5th. View the Virtual Showcase and which Canyon Creek artist’s received recognition at Council level.






District News

PThe Accelerated Models and Programs Department is in the middle of our 2020-2021 screening and assessment plan.

Students in grades 2-4 

We plan to begin online assessments of students who were referred for screening and assessments once grades 5-7 testing is done. We will send out invitations to test toward the end of March or beginning of April. We will conduct all testing online. 

Students in Grade 1 
We will conduct our universal screening and assessment when first grade students return to the buildings. Classroom teachers will assist in giving the NNAT3 screener. Parents will have the option to bring their student to school on the specific testing day even if they are opting not to have their student return to the classroom. The NNAT3 will then be proctored by someone other than the classroom teacher. We will let families know the date and time of testing at their school by email.  

We will compile current data from WaKIDS and iReady to compile a highly capable watch list for our current kindergarten students. No further screeners need to be given.  

Thank you,  
Accelerated Models and Programs Department 


Reopening Northshore

Safe Reopening Considerations

Between August and September 2020, the Northshore School District used state and local department of health data and benchmarks to guide the decision process for a safe return to traditional classrooms. With new benchmarks and data, we are adjusting to the state's new guidelines and recommendations while also keeping considerations for the safety of our students, staff and community at the center of our reopening planning.






I am kind, I am safe and I am a learner.