Coyote Crier - June 2020

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

With Memorial Day behind us and the calendar turned to June, we are definitely in the final stretch of the school year. And what a crazy year it has been! Never could I have imagined a year like we have had, but of course now we are all wondering and imaging what our school may look like in the fall.

COVID-19 and the accompanying social distancing has certainly disrupted the school year. While I am so proud of the work of my staff, what we have been doing for the last few months just isn’t the same as being at school. I miss seeing children at school and noticing all of the growth they have made, physically, socially, and academically. I miss the connections with staff and families, the predictable rhythm of the school year, and the celebrations at the end of the year. Fortunately, I know that a great deal of learning and growth has taken place, before and after schools closed, and for that I am thankful.

I know that closing schools has been hard on many students and families. Thank you for all that you have done to get your children connected with their teachers and classes, and all you have done to support learning at home. If you struggled with this or don’t feel like you did enough, give yourself grace and know that things will be okay.

As we wrap up the year and summer vacation approaches, I wish the best for the students, families, and teachers who won’t be back at Canyon Creek in the fall. I hope that you look back on your time at Canyon Creek fondly and that your next school experiences are great ones.

Before I close, I’d like to share some good news. On Friday, May 29, my wife, Carmen and I welcomed our daughter, Camila Hope Denton, into the world. We are thrilled beyond belief! I will be taking leave through June and July to care for Carmen as she recovers from her C-section and to take care of Camila and her big brother, Emilio. I am really looking forward to this special time with my family. While I am out, Ms. Airhart will serve as acting principal. It is comforting to know that the school is being left in capable hands!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! May your days be filled with books, family, laughter and fun!


Bruce Denton


   Bruce Denton


In This Issue...

  • Dates to Remember
  • In the Know
    • End-Of-Year Distribution of Student Materials
    • Student Report Card
    • Food and Nutrition Reimbursements
    • Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment
    • Are You Moving Out of Canyon Creek Area?
    • News from the School Nurse
    • Summer Office Hours
    • Playground and Field Closed 
    • Information of Next School Year 2020-2021
    • Summer is the Season for Reading
    • Community Service Day
  • In Appreciation
  • PTA News
  • District News


Dates to Remember

  • June 6 - Disney/Super Hero Day
  • June 12 - Hawaiian Day
  • June 15 - Kindergarten Pick-up and Drop-off Student Materials
  • June 16 - First and Second Grade Pick-up and Drop-off Student Materials
  • June 17 - Third and Fourth Grade Pick-up and Drop-off Student Materials
  • June 18 - Medication and Fifth Grade Pick-up and Drop-off Student Materials
  • June 19 - Walking and Make-up Date Pick-up and Drop-off Student Materials
  • June 19 - Last Day of School

In the Know!

End-Of-Year Distribution of Student Materials

Student drop-off and pick-up of belongings:

The purpose of doing grade level times, instead of merely alphabetical for the whole school, is to give teachers, who are able to attend, the opportunity to wave to their own students at the predetermined date and time. If your family has more than one child, you are welcome to coordinate with the teachers and decide which assigned date and time would work best for your family. This allows families to have only one pick-up time.

General Information:

  • Pick-up and Drop-Off Protocols for Families
  • Medication Pick-Up
  • 5th Grade ONLY Special Instructions
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off Grade Level Schedule

Pick-up and Drop-Off Protocols for Families:

  • Before you arrive at your  drop-off and pick-up time
    • Prepare a sign with your child’s last/first name and teacher’s name. Display this sign so that it is clearly visible at the front of your vehicle (attached to windshield visor or propped up on the dash).
    • Sort your materials in this way:
      • Classroom materials (texts books, classroom library books, math manipulative, etc) bagged together in a plastic bag(s)
      • Keep library books separate in a bag.
      • You must be ready to hand materials to staff through your passenger-side window.
    • Families who need to walk to campus, will need to come on June 19 so we can make sure we have adequate volunteers to help keep social distance. We will box off sections of a walk-way where people can stand safely.
    • Pick-up must occur during the schedule below. You may only pick-up items that belong to your child.
    • Face masks are encouraged to be worn for the safety of everyone.
    • Only school materials may be dropped off.
    • The district requires that staff may not touch items. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any extra items for teachers or staff (no gifts, cards, flowers, etc.)
    • All students who are enrolled with NSD for the 2020-2021 school year will keep computers and hotspots over the summer. Do not drop off technology at this event unless you are moving out-of-district.
    • If you ordered a Yearbook it will be included in your student's bag.
  • Drop off/Pick up directions:
    • Please arrive only during your assigned time. Please be respectful of our Canyon Creek neighbors and do not line up early.
    • Cars will enter the line from the front main entrance off of 35th Ave.
    • Display your pre-made sign indicating the student’s last name in the front windshield.
    • Remain in a single file line along the curb. Continue pulling forward as you are able. There will be staff directing you.
    • Drop off/ pick up will occur in the front of the school, along the curb. No parking is allowed.
    • Pull as far forward as possible along the curb.
    • Once you are stopped along the curb at the front of the school, a staff member will take materials you are dropping off (Staff will hold a box, and you will put your child’s bag of materials in. Library books will be collected also.) Then, staff will hand you your child’s pick up items.
    • Staff may not touch your car. You may not exit your vehicle to get things out of the trunk or the back seat.
  • All parents and students must stay in their cars. Students must remain seat-belted the entire time. Please do not park.
  • Technology return will only be for students moving out of district. Our Technology Specialist will navigate this process. (All students who are enrolled with NSD for the 2020-2021 school year will keep computers and hotspots over the summer.)
  • Anything not picked up by June 19th will be disposed of.

Medication Pick-up Information:

  • Cars will enter the line from the front main entrance off of 35th Ave and follow pick-up and drop-off instructions listed above.
  • Photo identification will be required for anyone picking up medication.
  • Families who need medication pickup, will come on June 18 at an assigned time (see schedule below). You will NOT need to come on your student(s) grade level time to avoid you making two trips. You can get your student(s) personal belongings at the same time.
  • If you are unable to come pick up medication and personal belongings, Friday, June 19 will be the last day to pick-up medication and personal items.
  • Nurse Susan will be on-site to support. Email:

Fifth Grade ONLY Special Instructions:

  • Cars should enter the front main entrance off of 35th Ave for the 5th grade ONLY immediate family parade.
    • Staff will provide direction on the parade route.
    • Feel free to decorate your vehicle to honor your 5th grader for the parade.
    • We must practice social distancing, do NOT leave your car.
    • Face masks are encouraged to be worn for the safety of everyone.
  • Once you have completed the parade route, exit the main parking lot carefully and proceed to the bus loop off of 212th.
  • Be mindful of the neighborhood when waiting and driving around the school perimeter.
  • Before you arrive at the bus loop section off of 212th the following needs to be done. 
    • Display a sign with your child’s last/first name and teacher’s name that is clearly visible at the front of your vehicle (attached to windshield visor or propped up on the dash).
    • Sort your materials this way:
      • Classroom materials (texts books, classroom library books, math manipulative, etc) bagged together in a plastic bag(s)
      • Keep library books separate in a bag 
    • You must be ready to hand materials to staff through your passenger-side window.
  • Medication pick-up
    • Nurse Susan will distribute 5th grade medication at the bus loop location.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Grade Level Schedule:

Alternate text



Student Report Card

Along with report cards being mailed, they will also be posted at the end of the year in ParentVue. 

If you don't have access to ParentVue, please look for an email from the District. The email will provide a parent activation key and steps how to create an account. Activation keys are time sensitive. Make sure to activate before expiration date listed at the bottom on the 'ParentVue Activation Key' email.

The following reasons you will receive a letter:

  • You do not already have an activation key created.
  • You have not logged into the ParentVUE system.

Food and Nutrition Reimbursements

For students leaving the district who have money remaining on their school meal account, we are providing three options for those funds:

  • Receive a refund check: A check will be mailed to the address in your student's record.
  • Transfer to a sibling: We are only able to transfer funds to one sibling.
  • Donate to students in need: Your remaining meal balance will be used to provide meals for Northshore School District students in need.

Please make your selection by completing this form.

For families of students in grades K-11, no action is needed. Meal account funds will roll over to the 2020-21 school year. However, if you would like a refund or to donate your current balance to a Northshore student in need, complete this form.

Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment

Northshore School District has moved to an online enrollment process this year.  Click here to access the online enrollment portal.

Kindergarten Registration:
Kindergarten registration is in progress for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please register your 2020-2021 Kindergartner as soon as possible.

If you have internet access use the online enrollment option. However, if you do not have internet access or would prefer paper copies please contact our Registrar, Terri Jaenson, by email:

Please inform any families you know, that may have a 2020-2021 Kindergarten student of our enrollment process. Encourage them to access our online registration system on the Northshore School District website.

New Student Enrollment:
Families who are new to the District and are enrolling students for the 2020-2021 school year can also utilize this process.

Enrolling your student early in the year helps our school plan for incoming students and ensure we meet our staffing needs.  Please share this message with your neighbors.


 Are You Moving Out of the Canyon Creek   Area?

 If your child(ren) WILL NOT be returning to Canyon   Creek  for the 2020-2021 school year, please notify our   Registrar, Terri Jaenson at as soon           as possible, with the following information:

  • Name of child 
  • Grade
  • This year's teacher
  • New address
  • New school 

News from the School Nurse

What to do now and planning for next school year.

Medications Stored at School:

A district wide procedure is currently being developed for safe pickup of medications. The designated pickup date is Thursday, June 18, 2020. Photo identification will be required for anyone picking up medication. Contact the nurse if you anticipate problems picking up medication or if you have an urgent need for the medication stored at school. Nurse Susan's email:

Medications for 2020-2021 School Year:

New Medication Forms must be completed by the parent/guardian and health care provider for the 2020-21 school year. Medication authorization forms expire at the end of each school year and medication cannot be stored over the summer. Make sure you make your request to the health care provider before August. Clinics get very busy and may not be able to complete your request if submitted after mid- August.

Medication Authorization Forms can be found on the NSD website. click here

Students with Life Threatening Conditions:

Per state law, medication/treatment forms signed by health care provider and parent/guardian, all supplies, and a health care plan must be in place before the first day of school attendance. You must contact the nurse to prepare or update the health care plan the week before school starts to prepare for your student’s safe attendance. A telephone or in-person appointment may be scheduled by contacting the nurse by email or phone. Let me know if you need an earlier meeting time.

Nurse Susan Contact Info: 425-408-5706 or


Immunization Reminder:

Immunization requirements must be up to date before the first day of school attendance in the 2020-21 school year. Immunization Requirements click here

Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteers are needed for next school year:

More information will be available in the fall. Please contact the school nurse by email if you may be interested in volunteering. No prior experience is necessary.

Nurse Susan's email:

Free Meals for Children:

For meals click here

NSD Community Assistance Web Page:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our community has come together to provide assistance to families in need. The following organizations are ready to help with food, housing, healthcare and more. click here

School Nurse Substitutes are Needed:

Are you a Registered Nurse who might be interested in exploring the rewards of school based nursing, supplementing work hours or simply maintaining nursing licensure credentials? We would love to discuss available opportunities as a substitute school nurse with the Northshore School District -- this is a great way to transition into community nursing with K-12 school age children.


Rebecca Cavanaugh
Health and Nursing Supervisor
425-408-7728 /


Summer Office Hours

The Canyon Creek office will remain closed through the end of June 2020. At this time we do not know if and when the office will reopen in August and/or this fall. Information will be posted on the school website when we can open the office.  Have a safe summer!



 Playground and Field Closed

  All Northshore school playgrounds and fields remain     closed to any activity.


Information for Next School Year 2020-2021:

Tentative - On Campus First Day of School:

  • Wednesday, September 2nd for grades 1-5.
  • Tuesday, September 8th half of the Kindergartners will start (full day) - Information of your student start date will be in your welcome email.
  • Wednesday, September 9th the other half Kindergartners will start (full day) - Information of your student start date will be in your welcome email.
  • Thursday, September 12th first day for ALL Kindergartner students.

School Times:


Welcome Back to School:

We are unsure of what this fall will look like. Our 'Welcome Back to School' festivities (New Family Tours, Classroom Open House and PTA Ice Cream Social) are currently on hold. An update will be sent out to parents when we have more information from the District.

Summer is the Season for Reading:

Summer has officially begun. 

All of the thinking students do at school makes the school year demanding. Summer vacation provides children with a chance to rest and recharge for the next year. Kids benefit from fresh air, exercise and time with friends. That down time is important, but when students are completely down, it means they are losing ground. A summer without reading doesn't just mean that students don't make progress; it means that they actually suffer from summer reading loss and fall behind their peers. Unfortunately, summer reading loss has a greater impact on struggling readers. This summer reading loss accumulates from summer to summer, causing many struggling readers to be as much as two years behind by the time they reach middle school.

The good news is that summer reading loss is avoidable. In fact, students who engage with books everyday can strengthen all of their literacy skills they learned during the previous school year. And, it doesn't mean that children need to give up vacation and read all day. Primary students can maintain their reading skills by reading for about 20 to 30 minutes each day. Intermediate students can not only maintain, but also gain reading achievement by reading six or more books during summer vacation. There is a consistent connection between the number of books students read during the summer and academic gains. Additionally, children who participate in free voluntary reading gain skills in reading comprehension, writing style, vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Summer vacation is here and it is time to prepare. Getting things in place now will allow your family to start summer reading on the first day of break.

  • Find the closest public library and visit it. 
  • Can you walk or ride a bike there?
  • Sign up for library cards for each family member who doesn't already have one.
  • Search online catalog and place holds on some books for each family member (mom and dads too!)
  • Select a day to visit the library each week and start visiting. Pick up the books you put on hold if they are ready for you.
  • Find a spot in your home for library books that are ready to go back to the library.
  • Start creating times when the whole family reads together.
  • Set up a routine for older students to read to younger siblings or neighbors.
  • If your child has access to RazKids, practice logging in and reading books online.

You will be glad that you made the effort to make reading a regular part of your child's summer break.

Community Service Day:

Community Serve Day is on hold until further notice.


In Appreciation

To those who help our school community in so many ways, we say…


…  to all the volunteers who helped us throughout the year in the classroom, library, cafeteria, on the playground and on field trips. 

... to all of our Dads and Granddads of great students who were our WATCH D.O.G.S. this year.

... to our student leaders: our ambassadors, our student council members and our patrol members. You helped keep our school Safe & Kind so that we can all be Learners!

... to all the volunteers who helped with the Book Fair and our Community for supporting so we could buy new books for the library.

... to Nancy Tangen and Mariel Villa for keeping our Reader Board up-to-date with the happenings of Canyon Creek.

... to the PTA Staff Appreciation Committee for providing staff with treats throughout the year. It’s always nice to feel so special. Thank you.

... to the PTA Art Docent Volunteers for prepping and teaching our students art lessons and displaying the artwork around campus.

... PTA for supporting our students with the after school enrichment classes and events.

… to our student athletes and their parents for all their support.  

... to our community for supporting Helping Hands and making life easier for families.


And thank you to our PTA for the incredible support throughout the school year. We’ve enjoyed wonderful Staff Appreciation, Popcorn Fridays, Family Nights and other events. We are grateful for the classroom support. THANK YOU!

A Fond Farewell…

We say goodbye to the following staff:

Ms. Forsman 

Ms. Liedle

Mrs. Meyer - Ruby Bridges

Mrs. Sprague - Ruby Bridges

Ms. Thomas - Northshore Middle School

Ms. Wong


Best wishes!


PTA News

PTA activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The District assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court of administrative tribunal arising out of distribution of these materials including attorney's fees and judgement or awards.


Canyon Creek PTA Helping Hands Program 

Due to our current situation (COVID-19, stay at home order, families losing their jobs, etc.), we have MANY families that are struggling and would like to ensure they have food during the summer break. If you would like to donate to our Helping Hands Program, we are accepting monetary donations until June 12th. We will then purchase grocery gift cards for the our Helping Hands families. Since we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible and we will be sending you a confirmation email for your donation.

Any amount helps and is so appreciated!



Menchie's Fundraising

Head over to Menchie’s Canyon Park location to grab a yogurt and go!
Menchie’s will donate 20% of every purchase to Canyon Creek PTA.

Where: Menchie's Canyon Park (21225 Bothell Everett Hwy., Ste. 102, next to Red Robin/Panera)
When: Tuesday, June 16th, 2020
Time: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
For more information: click here  


PTA Executive Board for the 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce our Canyon Creek PTA Executive Board for the 2020-2021 school year:

  •   * President: Karen Mitchell Smith
  •   * VP Communications: Jennifer Snyder
  •   * VP Programs: Melanie McKenzie
  •   * Secretary: Emily Cross
                                 *Treasurer: Mumtaz Zimbalist

They officially start their position July 1st. We appreciate their willingness to serve our PTA, school and community.


Congratulations to our 2019-2020 PTA award winners:

Outstanding Teacher: Molly Goodspeed and Ruth Hansen
Outstanding Advocate: Jennifer Snyder
Golden Acorn: Courtney Carr and Melanie McKenzie




  Meet the Staff

Canyon Creek PTA has been spotlighting our Canyon      Creek staff teams.  Sadly, all teams were not  photographed prior to school being closed, but we have many teams for you to check out. CHECK THEM OUT.



New to Canyon Creek? 

Have you been at Canyon Creek for a year or two and are ready to get involved?  Well, we are READY FOR YOU!!!  We need your expertise, talent and help to run our PTA and its programs.  SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP.  



District News

Northshore Early Childhood Enrollment 2020-2021

Northshore Early Childhood is currently enrolling for the Tuition Program. It is a blended multi-age, inclusive model, serving students, ages 3-5. We are currently have openings at both locations (Sorenson and Woodmoor Elementary) for the 2020/2021 school year. Classrooms are taught and supported by a general education teacher, a special education teacher, and a para professional. Inclusive classrooms create a dynamic learning environment for all students. The average class size is 16 students, with class make-up of 8 students with IEP’s, 4 students who pay tuition, and 4 students who are income eligible. Classrooms utilize The Creative Curriculum & Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment Tool. The staff is committed to fostering student learning and cultivating friendships while creating a sense of community for our students. Utilizing developmentally appropriate teaching strategies to support a whole child approach to learning, within an inclusive environment, fosters high levels of student learning and social and emotional growth for all students.

For more information and enrollment paperwork please visit our Northshore School District website click here or contact Sorenson 425-408-5570 for enrollment paperwork.

Return all forms including deposit to:

Sorenson Early Childhood Center
19705 88th Ave NE Bothell, WA 98011

Tuition Cost:
$300 per month



2020-2021 School Calendar

For our district, this has been quite a year. And with a community like ours, we continue to meet every challenge thoughtfully, creatively, and with an eye toward the future. Such is the case with planning for the 2020-21 school year. We worked collaboratively with NSEA on a calendar that considered the needs of our families and staff. Today, we finalized dates for elementary conferences, and we now have an approved calendar. So, barring any unusual circumstances, this is the calendar for the 2020-21 school year. Of course, if any unusual circumstances do arise, we will be ready because We are Northshore! Together, all things are possible…



I am kind, I am safe and I am a learner.