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Changes to Canyon Creek Entrance and Traffic

Dear Canyon Creek Families,

If you've passed by the school during the summer or followed us on Facebook or Instagram, you know that the campus has been very active with construction projects.  Part of our gym building has been demolished and construction on the gym expansion is well underway.  

In addition to the gym expansion and the new building that we will share with Skyview, our parking lot is undergoing some changes.  The changes will provided a longer queue for drop-off and pickup and will help get traffic off of 35th.  Our bus loop entrance and exit has moved to 212th, which will improve traffic near the intersection of 212th and 35th.  

Please see the attached map for more information about our new driveway entrance.  We now share a driveway with Skyview Middle School.  If you are coming from the north, there's a new right turn lane into the driveway.  The driveway has been expanded to include two lanes for entering traffic and two lanes for exiting traffic.  

Once you are in the combined CC/SMS driveway, turn right into the Canyon Creek parking lot and make an immediate right.  One of the aisles has changed direction for improved flow.  Our parking lot includes refreshed striping, which should help make parking stalls easier to identify.  (Look for a resurfaced parking lot and one set of lines coming next summer!)

While the changes have been made to improve traffic flow, please be patient as people learn the new system and school staff monitors and responds to needs. Additionally, gym construction has taken up some of the driveway space and has made the curb area in front of the gym unusable.  We will regain that space when construction is complete.  

If your child can walk or ride the bus, either of those is a great option.  If you are driving, thanks for your patience and for keeping our students safe!

Best regards,

Bruce Denton