If you have a student who will be new to Canyon Creek Elementary for the remaining of the 2024 academic year, or needs to register for Kindergarten starting in the fall of 2024, enrollment will be online this year. For enrollment questions and support, please contact our registrar, Terri Jaenson by:
Email: tjaenson@nsd.org

Prior to your child starting school, you will need to collect the following documents to upload: 

  • Proof of age (Birth Certificate or Passport) 
  • Proof of address (examples: recent utility bill or lease agreement) 
  • Immunizations from the doctor’s office (or from the website linked in the enrollment process)
  • Student Health Record
  • Kindergarten Before/After School Plans
  • Kindergarten Readiness Survey

**During the process please do NOT use your browser’s back button! 
Towards the end you will need to view and download several forms. Some can be filled out digitally and some will need to be filled out manually. You may scan them back in and upload them.

FSA program students, students with waivers, or any student not going to their assigned school per address, etc… will need to enroll in paper format. 



Northshore Enrollment for the 2024-25 School Year is Open!

New student enrollment, including Kindergarten, for the 2024-25 school year is now open. Families who have students currently enrolled in a Northshore school this school year do not need to re-enroll.

By enrolling this winter for the 2024-25 school year, there are a number of benefits: 

  • Connection to your child’s school community including information about school tours and Kindergarten events; and 

  • Early enrollment helps the district correctly staff classrooms, services, and prepare for great learning environments for our students. 

Enrollment remains open for the 2023-24 school year.


To help get you to the correct enrollment form, please answer a couple of questions:


Enrolling in Preschool?

Enrolling your student in preschool is a separate process. Please visit our Early Childhood page for more information for information.